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Pluie/Noir Podcast 004

"Les Indiens de l'Apocalypse"

Sound by Diogo.
Visual Interpretation by Diogo Lacerda.
Video by Max Binski.
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers. 
We interviewed both artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
There’s always a beginning, they say. Tell us all about the day you jumped outta bed and looking at the bathroom mirror you just realized “hell yeah, I’m a producer!”. Or it wasn’t at all like this?
Well, I try not to think much if i'm this or that, in order to keep my mind focused only in my musical output. Of course there's a moment when you get  that feeling, when other people understand your music and you come out of your little world and realize that maybe you are doing something good! Maybe that's when i realized "hey look, i'm a producer!".
What do you stand-up for as a musician?
I always try to deliver some kind of message on my music! I think now that's my main goal. Then comes the sound itself! I take long time choosing the right sounds and frequencies to express a certain feeling. It's somehow like a painter with his palette and canvas. I always search for some kind of depth in the music I make, guiding the listeners to the places I've been during the whole process.
How can you define your work? Is there a unique character you feel stuck to, or is all about your mood?
It's really hard to define something about me. I feel constantly changing, but I also feel there's certain roots that will prevail within me. I love expressing my melancholic side on music since I am very bad with words. So maybe I would say my music is emotional and true. Of course the mood plays a big role too.. I think we can lie in much ways but our behavior and actions are the reflection of our mind, so it takes a real effort to lie when we are sad or happy and when I do music I try to open myself as much as possible.
Is it too soon or did this collective synergy already changed something in you as a musician?
It definitely did! I always say I'm honored to be part of this collective, and my mind changed a lot with all the great people I came across in this project! It's very inspiring and it does reflect on my music I guess. And there's still a lot to come..
Digital, analogue or both?
I'd say analogue, but in my view we can't dismiss digital technology, and a balanced work with both can turn out quite interesting. Digital is maybe quickest, easier and cheaper, but it takes away all the intuition. My goal for the future is to work mostly with analogue gear. That's my view on music production. Regarding dj'ing, I totally take the analogue option.
Most people are more familiar with D.I.E.M the Dj, or Diogo Lacerda the A&R for pluie/noir. Then we have this designer side of yours.. are all these different Diogo’s the same one?
Yes they are! I try to move myself betweel all the areas I truly love. Art, music and of course, searching for stuff that makes me feel something. I'm not quite sure what it is, but since I always learned arts, the only point in common I could find in things I really like is that they comunicate through feelings.  So I like to use the same process, gather all different artistic areas, and hopefully try to come out with something that can define my own vision of things, in some original way.
Is it complicated to transmute sound in something visible?
It's not easy.  I picked a different approach and tried to put on paper the feelings I got when I listened to the podcast. Diogo Magalhães has always been an inspiration to me, with his very personal vision on things.. so I new that I had to experiment in the same ways he does, get this feelings translated into graphical imagery. Sometimes feelings, images and music can be turn out really mysterious, and somehow, that was the main focus i tried to reproduce in the artwork.
Every podcasts has its own visual interpretation, can you describe us this one?
Well, I tried to pick a concept that could define pluie/noir as an artist collective in a subtle way. "Les Indiens dans la ville" is a mysterious environment, where people have no face to society, they live in colored shadows. Indigenous people where always apart from society, living within their own way. And i feel the collective artists are also a little bit like this. "Urban indians"  trying to adapt ideas, no matter what.
What does inspire you as a designer? Is it the same kind of inspiration that drives you in music?
I think the creative process is pretty much the same. So I could say one inspires the other. But in the end of the day, what inspires me the most are mysterious environments, old pictures or music I dont know anything about. 
Is there any point at all, or can Art be “pointless”?
Art can be made through beautiful forms and shapes, but my favorite art pieces are conceptual explorations, ending in an original idea. Art is all about communication within yourself and other people. So i guess the point here is being able to translate things you love into a valuable/remarkable concept, and hopefully somebody will understand it the same way you did.
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